Now we’re Talking – OUT NOW

Brand’s new single talks about how in this fast paced, here today, gone tomorrow world, two people can find each other against all odds, and build a beautiful life together.

“Its crazy to think that two people who are complete opposites can come together and find love, so don’t give up, they could be just around the corner!”

‘We got lucky
We found the magic
This kind of love
Aint supposed to happen’

Reflecting on his own life Brand writes in this song..
‘Now we’re talking
Bout a baby girl
We’re gonna bring
Into the world
She’s gonna wrap me round her pretty little finger like her mumma does….. and she does’

Anyone who knows Brand knows how his daughter’s Pepper and Connie have had a profound effect on his life and as always, his life and heart are proudly pinned to his sleeve in this beautifully written song dedicated to anyone who has found true love against all odds.